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All glassware goes through a rigorous cleaning process which has to pass our strict quality control procedure. Each glass is finished with a hand polish by one of our glassware team members. We guarantee your glassware will be sparkling and ready for use upon arrival. To view coloured glassware please head to our coloured tableware range.
To view our bar glassware, please head to the plain glassware section on the pricing and ordering page.

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Orchestra Glassware – Our orchestra crystal cut glassware is ideal for a special event or intimate dinner parties.

1. Orchestra Glassware2. Orchestra Glassware3. Orchestra Glassware4. Orchestra Glassware

Claro Glassware – This tall crystal glassware makes a statement for those special events!

1. Claro Glassware2. Claro Glassware3. Claro Glassware4. Claro Glassware

Ivento Glassware – Made from tritan crystal this glassware will add touch of elegance to your event!

1. Ivento Glassware2. Ivento Glassware3. Ivento Glassware4. Ivento Glassware

Lyric Glassware – Our most popular glassware range is ideal for weddings and celebrations, giving your function the sparkle it deserves!

1. Lyric Glassware2. Lyric Glassware3. Lyric Glassware4. Lyric Glassware

Coloured Glassware – see our coloured glassware page