All our cutlery is hand polished to ensure it is ready to lay up when it reaches you; we have 7 choices for you.

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Old English 18/10 — A weighty cutlery which makes an impact, ideal for those extra special occasions.

Old English

Gold White Handled MW — A stunning looking cutlery which looks amazing on table linen and wooden tables.

Gold White Handled MW

Gold MW — An exciting addition to our cutlery range, giving a luxurious feel to your event, a cutlery that makes a statement!

Gold MW

Rose Gold MW — A favourite for couples wishing to add a touch of colour to their table-scape.

Rose Gold MW

Rat Tail 18/10 – A traditional favourite, a substantial and weighty cutlery ideal for those extra special occasions.

Rat Tail 18/10

Zephyr 18/10 — A stylish, modern cutlery with generously round heads, ideal for those extra special occasions.

Zephyr 18/10

Kings Pattern 18/0 – A classic English favourite which gives that regal feel.

Kings Pattern 18/0

Harley 18/0 – A plain cutlery engraved with straight lines to add to your table setting.

Harley  18/0