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All plates featured here are safe to eat from!

Some great choices to add some colour to standard white or off white options.

Pebble grey and duck eggs plates come in starter / dessert sizes (10.25inc) and main plate size (11.25inc). If you are looking for different shapes, head to our fine bone china section for square, rectangular and round plates.

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1.Pebble Grey Food Safe Plate2.Pebble Grey Food Safe Plate3.Duck Egg Food Safe Plate4.Duck Egg Food Safe Plate5.Speckle White Food Safe Plate6.Speckle White Food Safe Plate7.Gold Rim Marble Food Safe PlateRectangular Glass Food Safe Plate9.Glass Patterned Food Safe Plate 10inc10.Glass Plate - Plain (Food Safe)11.Aqua Rice Bowl12. Verdi Rice Bowl

Our coloured demi-tasse cups and saucers are a great way of adding elegance with hints of colour, they also look great when mixed.

Snow White Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 01Snow White Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 02Chocolate Brown Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 01Chocolate Brown Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 02Cappuccino Beige Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 01Cappuccino Beige Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 02Burnt Orange Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 01Burnt Orange Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 02Bronze Sepia Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 01Bronze Sepia Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer 02