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Charger plates are a great way of adding décor to your tables as they stay in place for the full duration of your wedding breakfast. All plates are for placement only and are not to be eaten from. For plates that are food safe please see our other 4 chinaware ranges or head to our food safe plate section in coloured tableware.

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Gold beaded and silver beaded charger plates

1.Gold Beaded Charger Plate 012.Gold Beaded Charger Plate 023.Silver Beaded Charger Plate 014.Silver Beaded Charger Plate 02

Rose gold beaded and rustic charger plates

5.Rose Gold Charger Plate 016.Rose Gold Charger Plates 027.Rustic Charger Plate 018.Rustic Charger Plate 01

Antique cream and gold reef charger plates

9. Antique Cream Charger Plate 0110.Cream Charger Plate 0211.Gold Reef Charger Plate 0112.Gold Reef Charger Plate 01

Gold rim marble and embellished glass charger plates

13. Gold Rim Marble Charger Plate14.Gold Rim Marble Charger PlateEmbellished Glass Charger Plate16. Embellished Glass Charger Plate 02

Blue & Smokey grey glass, gold rim marble and gold charger plates

17. Smokey Grey Glass Charger Plate18.Smokey grey glass charger platePurple Glass Charger Plate20.Blue Glassware 2

Gold plastic charger plates

21. Gold Plastic Charger PlateComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon