[teamboxavo ids=”1703″ name=”David” function=”The Manager” color=”#f9f9f9″]

David (also known as the Manager) actually works here! David will always be pleased to provide you with any advice, quotations, or help in booking your equipment to take the stress out of organising your hire.


[teamboxavo name=”Martin” function=”The Logistics Manager” color=”#ffffff” ids=”1706″]

Martin is David’s father who also works here. Once you have placed an order with us, Martin is the one who works out and organises the logistics of transporting your items to and from the hire venue.


[teamboxavo ids=”1704″ name=”Lesley” function=”The Builder” color=”#ffffff”]

Lesley is Martin’s wife and also works here. Lesley is mother to David and Louise, and oversees the building process of all hires ensuring that your items are sent in correct quantities and of course in pristine condition.


[teamboxavo ids=”1705″ name=”Louise” function=”The Set Up Girl” color=”#ffffff”]

Louise is (you guessed it) the daughter of Martin & Lesley, and sister to David. Yes, Louise works here too! If your hire includes chair covers or table centres, Louise will oversee the professional set up; ensuring your room looks fantastic.


[teamboxavo ids=”1702″ name=”Chloe” function=”General Help” color=”#ffffff”]

At this stage you have the idea. Chloe is David & Louiseā€™s sister, daughter of Martin & Lesley! (Were not making this up!) Chloe does a little bit of everything, and can be found in the office, on site or anywhere that needs a problem solved!


Meet the Girls…

Otherwise known as the Banqueting Elves.

This hard working team shifts through thousands of dirty items each week to ensure all your items reach you in perfect condition!

Meet the Fellas…

Otherwise known as The Banqueting Umpa Lumpas.

Our fellas will transport all your items to and from your site for you.

They are always all over East Anglia in our instantly recognisable vans. If you see them, give them a wave!